Why you should buy Park Colonial Condo

Singapore – Why should you buy something when there is nothing? If you’re a Singaporean and have been up to date with the local news or perhaps you’ve been living in Singapore as a foreigner for quite some time, you probably would have heard of the new Bidadari Town. So, how do we correlate this to Park Colonial Condo and why you should place your interest and claim your stake here. Read on to find out more as we bring you the true insights.

Story of Punggol and Sengkang

Well, if you’ve been here long enough, you would have come to realise the reality of how government planned developments affect real estate. Please own up if you’re one of those who criticise your friends or relatives when the thought of them shifting over to either Punggol or Sengkang in the earlier days. Look, who has got the last laugh now? Sorry, it is not you whom had shunned your friends during then. If you are envious of the beautiful environment where the city state has already built for the residents there, and you would like to move in as a new resident to enjoy the facilities among the vibrant neighbourhood, you probably would have choke upon hearing the price of properties there now and regretted not buying in during the earlier days when your friends or relatives were shifting into the new town.

Applying the Same Logic to Bidadari Town

If history were to repeat itself, it would be foolish of you to ignore the new Bidadari Town. Master Plans and blueprint of the entire developing area have already been laid out and it looks just as promising. It is also touted to be the second Bishan when it is under the planning area of Toa Payoh. By now, you should have heard of the recent million-dollar transaction on the public housing over there and it will only be more expensive moving forward.

New Housing Planned

There are quite a few BTO development which is already underway in the new town and they will be the very first batch of new residents there. They are the same type of people who believe in the government when they said they will be developing a new town with all new facilities and such. They are also the ones who bought something when there is nothing, hoping to reap the benefits when the time comes, by buying low when there is nothing and by selling high when there is everything.

Sounds familiar? An entry-level purchase to a premium product when it is offered for sale.

New Park Colonial Condo

As with all districts, there will always be private residential among different neighbourhoods and PARK COLONIAL will be one of the landmark condo development. It will be developed by Chip Eng Seng Corporation and Unique Real Estate (a joint venture between Heeton Holdings and KSH Holdings).

Ideally situated right beside Woodleigh MRT Station, a prominent landmark you won’t missed. It will be launch for sale in the coming months and if you would like to be one of the new private residents here, this will be the best opportunity for you to stake a claim and declare yourself as a proud owner in this new development.

There will be more than 800 residential homes for you to choose from, it can be your lovely home, or you can simply purchase it for an investment by being the first mover in this new town. There is nothing now but there will be a commercial shopping mall right across the street from your residence. How does that sound? Near but not too near when crowd is not gathered right at your doorstep. It will certainly be a sigh of relief for many people looking to purchase a new home here.

You will have great convenience such as the transport network and amenities for your weekly needs, when it comes to grocery shopping or even daily meals in the cooling mall if you are not cooking. There will also be an amazing greenery landscape nearby such as the Bidadari Park and the alkaff lake, a leisure destination for you and your family to gather around in the evening for some laughter.

Mark my words, these will be the key factors in purchasing the new Park Colonial Condo by CEL at Woodleigh Lane in our opinion. You may choose to wait it out by not jumping into the bandwagon but if you’re keen to place your interest and claim your ownership, please act fast now!

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