The possibility of calling Riviere as your home sweet home

riviere home sweet home at jiak kim

Hey! Nothing sounds better than having a beautiful home sweet home. The weight of your choice when it comes to issues like this, goes a long way in explaining the value you place on your residence. While some may prefer to pack everything just to keep up a befitting home for them and their family too.

Many things will form your basic checklist before agreeing to an offer for a property and these things aren’t because you are too sneaky, they are necessary, and you need to be able to harness the impact of the new home or environment on you and your family. This looks a little lengthy a step however, for an apartment at Riviere, this evaluation has been painstakingly done for you.

The Riviere condo is an all-inclusive residence; it is comfortably established within the heart of Robertson Quay district and covered within the Jiak Kim street corner. It is a great edifice containing two towers of 36 storeys, complemented by 1 to 4 bedrooms’ layout distribution on an approximate site area of 13,481.7m2. With all these combined, it ensures an estimated of 455 residential homes to be built.

One of its distinctive features of this development is the stunning architectural that avails residents the wide panoramic view of the mesmerizing Singapore River. Having the interest of residents in mind and with a correct feasibility study before construction, the new condo is advantageously flanked by both great Grand Copthorne Waterfront Hotel and the Mirage tower.

While maintaining a strategic location that basically prevents its beneficiaries of the annoying effect of noise pollution due to its distance from the traffic of Kim Seng and Havelock road. It is essentially part of those residence classified as fascinating group of riverfront developments, food establishments and lifestyle entertainment apartments. Of all it boasts about, its location boosts its perfection.

The Riviere is being positioned on a location that avails its occupants with all other essential life needs. It has a purposeful road linking network as a plus point to its new residents. The developmental plan of Riviere provides a direct access to the widely known Orchard road which is just a little distance from the north of your residence. Everything you need as a resident, stands at your disposal while you enjoy the comfort in your condo. It aids your general productivity through the different available necessities and few other amenities that you can enjoy here is as follows;

Medical Support:

The Riviere, in tandem with its nice location maintains the proximity to healthcare facilities granting its occupant medical support. Your basic healthcare needs can be easily met because the condo is just few minutes’ drive from the Singapore General Hospital, and this hospital is known for providing one of the best health services and effective treatment of illnesses based on a recent report by Newsweek. Other hospitals such as Mount Elizabeth Novena Hospital, Gleneagles Hospital, KK women and children’s hospital etc. are not excluded from this relative proximity

Restaurants and Kids friendly venue:

There are exquisite dining choices available in the neighborhood of the Riviere condo. Robertson Quay for instance has been known for their top-notch dining and wining, even tourists have made it a place of choice in recent years. Other F&Bs includes Belgian Cuisine, Japanese BBQ, Dessert bars and many more. Also, there are many kid-friendly places around that offers your children an amazing view and exciting experience. The Robertson Quay is still a strong example in this class. Therefore, residing within Riviere condo brings along lesser anxiety when it comes to a family day out. Several parks in the vicinity are available for your relaxation too.

Educational institution:

With the full consideration of your wards and every other educational requirement. Riviere is certainly being surrounded by some great primary, secondary and excellent tertiary institutions for your kids’ Pre-U education. The joy you and your family will be having whilst occupying this residence can be no less, make a choice that yields your happiness moving forward.

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