Refined Aesthetics and Urban Luxurious Design of Mayfair Gardens

Mayfair Gardens

The interior design of the Mayfair Gardens at Rifle Range Road is a combination of urban chic, with a touch of luxury packed into refined materials and shapes with high aesthetic values. Clean lines, open views of each unit and a great deal of privacy are the key benefits resulting from its design philosophy. All interior spaces are very functional, flexible and adjustable to a different number of residents. The interior designer team of Mayfair Gardens created a safe haven and warm atmosphere with lots of space for alterations according to one’s own taste.

Balance between the interior and the exterior

The architects and designers of Mayfair Gardens aimed to create an attractive, intimate and secure settlement by combining both the design strategies of building quality and external arrangement of landscaping which will be an ideal choice for every individuals or families. Especially for those who wants to make a great return on the invested capital through mid or long-term rentals to specific tenants on the market.

The secret is in balanced design between the common areas of the complex, such as the garden, lap pool, gym and the utmost privacy of the interior zones, encompassed by clear open views. This balance enables a completely new way of life, a complete community that provides maximum privilege to all Mayfair Gardens residents. Modern recreational zones, promenades, children’s playground and the pool, BBQ grilling pits, indoor playroom, sauna centre and the mesmerizing garden introduces its new occupants into the real British colonial way of life.

Sense of luxury within your home

Rich furniture in classic, beige and pastel colours, spiced up with vibrant details, natural materials and classy finishes create an impression of a luxurious living. Full floor-to-ceiling height increases the sense of grandeur and adds up to the spaciousness of each room. Luxurious bathroom furniture will wake up a hedonistic part of personality in every Mayfair Gardens home.

No matter how luxury the development is, these homes provide a safe, peaceful environment for relaxation, studying, work and common daily activities of different profiles of residents. Comfort, cosiness and functionality are the three key marks of its architectural design. Additionally, state-of-the-art home appliances in accordance with the highest energy-efficiency requirements and superb, clean lines design will fit into any room design and decoration. Seamless wiring, switches and smart ambiance lighting can turn a vibrant room into a cosy one and vice versa in only a few seconds.

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