Amber 45 Condo at East Coast

Singapore – According to market watchers, most recent private property segment projects a stronger than expected confidence in the overall market sentiment. The trust, faith and believe that holds in everybody’s mind and soul. It is certainly an assurance to kick off the future sale of Amber 45 East Coast after securing the beautiful site via a private agreement with the former developer owner.

It inadvertently reflects the valuable private assets we have here in Singapore, the continuous rise in value of your highly prized assets and the powerful local economy. Consequently, if you have to embark on a buying spree like the Chinese with super strong financial backing, it will be foolish of you for not acting on it now as the city state’s real estate market have seen the bottom recently.

Singapore is the new Hongkong, while the prices in Hongkong are crazy, as reported by the Bloomberg. So, if you have been looking out for investment properties all this while, Amber 45 at east coast with a freehold tenure would probably be your best bet in terms of the superior locale and the attractive pricing of each units.

Freehold Amber 45 East Coast

Not only does the land comes with a rare freehold status, the address of 45 amber road is within a prime private estate surrounded by the rich and wealthy community. It is located right between two beautiful private condominium and rested on the plot of land where the former Ban Nee Chen floral nursery were used to be for the past three decades. If you believe in fengshui, having a good soil is equivalent to having a strong foundation of your wealth, then this is the perfect opportunity for you to buy in now since the land site have been acquired by UOL Group last year.

Amenities near Amber 45 East Coast

Maybe you’re not aware if you are not a local or not familiar with this region, there is an underground highspeed railway running through Thomson east coast line and with such a great fortune, Amber 45 is right in the middle of both Tanjong Katong and Marine Parade train station. A mere 5 minutes’ walk will bring you to either station and it is only a few stops away from the business district for your convenience.

Educational Institutions

If you have been worried over the school options for your growing-up child then you could be in for a great disappointment because if you are “unable to find good schools here”, you will most likely be “unable to find it anywhere else”. Many of the top schools in Singapore are located in the east and having a home address in the east coast will certainly be able to enrol your kid into one of the good schools within the vicinity here.

Condo near East Coast Park

Besides the above attributes, east coast beach at the park is situated a near distance from your residence. It will be the main destination for you and your family to have an enjoyable weekend with the many activities line-up including major outdoor playground as well as water activities.

Wait no longer if this is your lifestyle, drop by one of these days and experience it for yourself!

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