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We believe that inspired teams naturally provide exceptional and dedicated client service. Therefore, we’ve created a workplace where opinions are respected.

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We take great pride in delivering services of the highest quality. We constantly go ‘the extra mile’ to meet our clients’ objectives. We seek to employ and retain only the best individuals.

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Misunderstood “facts” about property agents in Singapore

Many people have the idea that real estate agents in Singapore have a highly lucrative job and that they make money without lifting a finger. With the ethical issues, many people have a terrible opinion about the real estate agents in Singapore. Life in this industry is not easy at all; the agents need to run around various marketing deals and speak with many people to seal a deal. Sometimes, we need to understand that a lot of work goes on the paperwork they do. We cannot generalize the fact that all real estate agents make money without any effort....

Ethical Issues in Singapore’s Real Estate Industry

The real estate prices started to increase in Singapore in the year 2009, and since there was no property which was affordable in the city, it was being criticized on a large scale for the lack of affordable houses. The criticism slowly increased and became a clamour, and everyone was complaining about the pricing range of the real estate properties. When the protest became furious, the government had to get involved and cool down the market. Even then the prices did not reduce, but later the transaction volume dropped, and ethical practices were the cause for the concern in 2014....